3 ingenious recipe ideas with currants

From June to August you can finally buy fresh currants again – and you should definitely take advantage of the short season. Whether you go for the red, black or white variety depends entirely on your preferences. The berries differ not only in appearance, but also in taste.

Black, red, white: This is what the currant varieties taste like

You like it nice and sour? Then reach for red currants. White currants are a little sweeter in comparison, while black currants contain much less acidity and have a more tart aroma. That’s why the different varieties are also suitable for completely different types of preparation.

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That’s what makes currants so healthy

One more reason to love currants: they score with top nutritional values and an incredible vitamin C content. In addition, the small berries contain plenty of pectin, a natural dietary fibre that stimulates digestion.

Pancakes mit fruchtigem Topping Currants also cut a really good figure as pancake topping

But back to the nutritional values: 100 grams of red currants provide around 33 calories (kcal), black ones a little more, white ones a little less.

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In terms of vitamin C content, blackcurrants are the absolute leader with 177 milligrams per 100 grams. The red “sister”, on the other hand, only manages a measly 36 milligrams. In addition to vitamin C, blackcurrants also contain plenty of other health boosters, such as potassium, calcium and folic acid.

Here is a small overview:

When buying currants, you should first do the optical check: Do the berries look nice and not mushy? Top! Are there still small leaves hanging from the panicles that are nice and green and not withered? Put them in your shopping basket! At home you should process the berries quickly. We already have a few ideas for currant recipes.

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You should try these currant recipes

You can do a lot with currants in summer. The red and white ones can be sugared a little if required and then eaten straight away. But they are also perfect for boiling down, i.e. for DIY -Marmalades or jellies. Also cakes, liqueurs, juice and of course ice cream can be made from fresh currants.

We have taken a look around Pinterest and put together the 3 most creative currant recipes for you.

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1. currant buttermilk ice cream

In summer one thing should not be missing: Ice cream! Best daily and preferably homemade. Because that not only saves money, but also calories. In addition, you always know exactly what’s in it and can change the ingredients according to taste.

By the way, you don’t need an ice cream machine for this recipe from the blog “was eigene”.

2. currant cheesecake

Cheesecake works every time. Especially when it contains very little sugar and hardly any fat. Blogger Mara from “Maras Wunderland” uses (a small amount of) sugar and the calorie-free sugar substitute erythritol, which is popular with low carb fans.

3. currant and tomato crostata

Currants cannot be used in sweet recipes, but can be perfectly combined with savoury ingredients. Just like Stephanie did on her blog “Meine K├╝chenschlacht

The result is this crispy crostata with a bold topping of fruity-sweet tomatoes and sour currants.

What are you waiting for? Off to the next weekly market and quickly buy some fresh currants so that you can copy our delicious recipe ideas directly at home.