13 tips on how to better motivate yourself to do sports

You probably know it too, this sudden urge to change everything: more sport, better nutrition, getting fitter! But as suddenly as the motivation boost came, it’s gone again, and the old excuses are back: too cold, too tired, no desire. That does not have to be the case. We’ll tell you how to stay in shape for the long term and achieve your fitness goals.

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Why am I so unmotivated?

Man is not a machine. You too are subject to moods, lows in form, fatigue, stress and many other factors that torpedo your motivation. You feel the same way as any sportswoman, including every top athlete. The crucial thing is not to keep on going at the top level, but to keep at it and motivate yourself again and again. Fight your way out of the motivation low with the right strategies. We will tell you how.

Why am I so motivated in the beginning and now I’m not?

It’s perfectly normal. There is a magic inherent in every beginning, in the case of a fitness project it is a certain initial euphoria that fades away over time. But don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t look too black! It is quite normal that after an initial peak you will lose your appetite again.

Between the 3rd and 6th month, many find it particularly difficult to get up for training. It is therefore all the more important that you prepare yourself for this lack of motivation, for example with a fixed training plan, appointments and extra rewards for diligent training.

How do I increase my motivation?

There are the most different approaches. We have collected 13 of our best fitness tips for you, with which you are guaranteed to overcome your inner bastard. Here we go’s!

1. take the sports bag to the office

If you already leave the job with a ready packed gym bag and don’t take the dangerous detour via home, the way to the gym becomes a matter of course.

Slip into training pants and sports shoes while you are still at work. © Jacob Lund / Shutterstock.com

It’s a very simple trick to keep up with the gym class: Bring your sports gear to work in the morning if you want to work out after hours. If you go home first and want to make yourself comfortable on the couch (only for a short time) or want to eat a snack, it is much harder to get up afterwards.

If you want to be absolutely sure: Slip into your sweatpants and sneakers while you’re working. You certainly don’t want to miss the shame of heading home in full sports gear.

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2. increase fitness motivation with a new outfit

Away with baggy sweatpants and washed-out shirts! You only train in cool sportswear in which you really feel comfortable.

You should wear your beautiful new sports shoes immediately. The gym. © Jacob Lund / Shutterstock.com

Biceps curls in front of the huge mirror in the fitness club are only really fun if you look good while doing them. If you get a new outfit for your sports unit that is not only functional but also looks really cool, you will increase your fitness motivation in no time at all.

The reason is simple: if you have bought a great new sweater or chic new shoes, you want to take them out right away. It’s no different with sportswear. And you wear them where? At sports!

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3. get support from a personal trainer

A personal trainer can’t take the training off your hands, but he can make sure that you do your job really well and, above all, permanently.

The examining look of a trainer gives extra motivation. © Jacob Lund / Shutterstock.com

Especially for beginners who are unsure whether they are really doing strength exercises & Co. correctly, a personal trainer is a good investment. A coach not only helps to create a realistic training and nutrition plan, but is also a great motivator.

Many good resolutions regarding sports and weight loss fail because you put too much on your shoulders at the beginning, simply train the wrong way and actually don’t really know which sport is the right one for you. A few guided hours can be a real help and increase the fitness motivation in no time.

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4. create a training playlist

We prescribe headphones for the next sports unit. Why? Because music makes you more powerful during training, even scientists say so.

The right soundtrack for your workout will keep you going longer. © Jacob Lund / Shutterstock.com

Eros Ramazotti monzettes run over the boxes of your gym in a continuous loop, almost making you fall asleep on the crosstrainer? Your own training playlist will help against this. According to a study by the Brunel University in London, music is even supposed to boost performance during sports. Besides: Just imagine how you will sprint up the stairs to the museum during your next jogging tour through the city to the soundtrack of Rocky! Gigantic, isn’t it?

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5. go in search of your perfect sport

The best answer to the question why you do sports? Because you enjoy it so much! Sounds good, right? Well, find a sport that does.

Why always do what everyone else does? Try something new. © Jacob Lund / Shutterstock.com

Why did you skip violin lessons as a child and hate ballet lessons? Because you would have much rather played the piano and you thought the pink tutu was ugly even then. Conclusion: Violin and tutu ended up in the basement.

For many, the situation has not really changed even years later. With the difference that today you make the pressure yourself. So why torture yourself twice a week when you find running stupid? Just because everyone feels that somehow everyone is jogging? Bullshit! Maybe you would be much more motivated by swimming, skating, cycling or aerobics classes.

Finding the right sport can be quite a tedious business. But it is worth it. First of all, you need to understand a few basic things: Would you rather train indoors or outdoors? Alone or in a group? Action or quiet? No idea? How about trial lessons in the gym? Stay curious and keen to experiment. Because as soon as you have found “your” sport, you don’t need to overcome it.

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6. think of the “good feeling afterwards”

Yeah, we made it! No matter how strenuous, sweaty and hard the workout was – the feeling afterwards is irreplaceable. If you put on your running shoes despite the drizzle and drag yourself to the Pilates class on Sunday morning, you will feel twice as good afterwards. Not only the thought of having done something for yourself and your body, but also of having fought the inner bastard, simply makes you happy.

7. be inspired by great athletes

Biographies are a dime a dozen. Pick the one of your favourite sportswoman and get carried away. Sporty idols drive you on, even if you don’t plan to become a ski jumper or boxing world champion. Hearing or reading about the sporting successes of others often gives you an extra boost of fitness motivation to redefine and tackle your own goals.

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8. Turn your workout into a team event

Peer pressure can also be a good thing: When you date others for a workout, you’re under pressure to actually go through with it.

High five for motivating training partners! © Jacob Lund / Shutterstock.com

Why be a lone fighter in a fitness club when you can do it much better, more effectively and more fun together? If you regularly meet others for sports, you are under pressure to actually show up. Furthermore, fellow fighters can push you if you should ever have a hangover.

Attention: A joint training only makes sense if everyone is fully behind the cause. Otherwise, a planned training session can quickly end in a coffee klatch, and none of them will get anything out of it.

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9. keep your eyes on your target

Be specific in your goals and constantly remind yourself of your sports dates. It is not uncommon for weight loss projects to fail because you have no clear goal in mind. Be concrete in your plans. Instead of “I want to lose weight” say “I want to lose 8 kilos in 3 months” or “At the wedding of Tina and Holger I will fit into my dress again”. The more precise, the better.

Also a super motivator: Stick a photo of yourself on the fridge. Quasi as an extra hurdle before reaching for the chocolate ice cream cake in the freezer. Plaster your apartment with Post-its to remember your sports dates or stick a summary of your gym’s courses on your fridge door. Because the fact is: If you constantly encounter the subject of sport within your own four walls, it won’t disappear from your mind so easily.

Also great: motivational slogans that you can stick to your screen or mirror or set up directly as a background on your smartphone.

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10. exchange with others

Talk to others about your sporting goals who have already achieved similar goals. Your colleague talks about her preparations for a half marathon and your girlfriend is testing a new yoga studio? Very good, then listen to what they have to say! If you exchange sporting experiences with others, you will get plenty of ideas to try out new things or to tackle your own sport more intensively.

11. document your achievements

Dear diary… No, seriously: Write down every evening what you have done, achieved, overcome in terms of sports and/or nutrition. Successes as well as failures. If you write down every day what you have achieved in terms of sports, you will not only get a better overview of your progress in training over a longer period of time. It also motivates you immensely! Why? As you write it down, you will become aware of everything you have achieved. That makes you proud and drives you forward!

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12. Make the rain your friend

When you look out of the window you already shiver and you would like to take off your sports clothes and crawl into bed? Stop! Make adverse circumstances your new training buddy.

Rain is just weather, too. © Jacob Lund / Shutterstock.com

Do you think the world has conspired against you when you have to fight headwinds when cycling, when a long ascent is never ending when running or when it starts to rain during a workout in the park? You thought wrong!

Use the adverse circumstances as an incentive, because the worse the external conditions, the more effective your training will be. Why? The adverse conditions lead to increased calorie consumption and stronger stress stimuli. In addition, there is now a sufficient selection of rather ingenious functional clothing available that will defuse even the worst weather.

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13. Trick the inner bastard

Of course you’re disciplined, but do you need to watch the latest episodes of your favourite series? Well, no problem!

Netflix, no chill. Workout also works in the living room. © Jacob Lund / Shutterstock.com

If you are really captivated by the gawking, you just have to play sports on the side. Stream, DVD or linear: Always start after 15 minutes (with TV : in the advertising breaks) a short sports break. In the 1. you do crunches, in the 2. push-ups and in the 3. knee bends.

But you can not only work on your strength in your living room – effective endurance training is also possible: Move the treadmill or the bicycle ergometer in front of the TV and let the TV program distract you during your workout. You do not have expensive equipment? Then a skipping rope will do the trick, with which you can train your speed for fast runs.

A sofa workout! No kidding.

Thanks to our 13 tips, nothing stands in the way of your fitness success. And if your inner bastard does get a word in edgewise, you’ll know what you can do about it. That way, your fitness goals will work out in the long term, too, I promise!