10 garments that women love and men hate

Every woman knows this: You come home from shopping happy and satisfied with your bags full and want to proudly present your yield to your partner. When you look in the mirror, you feel like a fashionista, but then all you get from him is a “Sorry darling, I don’t like that thing at all! Great!

What we mean is, “Fuck it and wear what SIE feel good! That’s all we needed, for him to decide what to wear. On the other hand… It’s still legitimate that you are sometimes curious what men think about certain outfits. Before a date, for example. Everyone thinks about what they’ll look good in. Men, too, of course.

But what trends do men find particularly horrible? To shed some light on the subject, our colleagues from the Brudi Men’s Health editorial team will tell you here which 10 parts of women you dislike at all. And we tell you why you should simply wear the “dreaded garments” anyway!

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1. mom jeans are the most unpopular item of clothing in the ranking

Among our colleagues, carrot pants are the undisputed number one of the most unpopular garments in our – admittedly not 100 percent representative – survey. Sentences like: “This looks like a granny. She might as well wear sweatpants.” Or, “When women wear these jeans, I feel like I’m dating a 12-year-old.” Which is it? Anyway, it’s all bullshit.

Which speaks for the trend: Mom jeans look reliable, can be combined with everything in the wardrobe, from sporty to elegant, and on top of that they flatter the figure. Finally there is a cool pair of pants that you don’t want to trade in for a jogger as soon as you get home in the evening.

That’s how Mom jeans become a real figure-flatterer

2. high-waist pants conjure up an hourglass figure

Another pants cut that men can’t stand: “Sorry, but when women wear these pants, I can’t stop thinking about Obelix.” And “It looks really weird when women pull their trousers up under their breasts.” It’s also funny when men compare women to cartoon characters.

Which speaks for the trend: The high waistband emphasizes the waist and conjures up an hourglass figure. This flatters all body types. The high-waist jeans should therefore still remain a favourite in the wardrobe.

3. shape wear conceals a small belly

Honestly, Shape Wear does not look very appealing in itself. So the feedback from men is not surprising: “It’s just as unnecessary as push-up bras.” And “When I see those huge underpants, I think of a senior supplier.” Oh, how charming.

Which speaks for the trend: Of course, nobody likes to wear these press briefs. But especially if you wear a tight dress, it usually fits better with the shaping underwear underneath – especially after trips to the buffet or after a beer or two.

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4. paperbag trousers can be casual and elegant

The trendy wide trousers with the bow on the waistband combine two no-go’s for our male colleagues. Problem 1: The high waistband. “Oh no, the pants are already pulled up almost under the chest again. Why is that modern now?” Problem 2: The fastener. “The bow tie looks like my girlfriend got it gift-wrapped at a perfume store.” Cute comparison.

Which speaks for the trend: There are just things men don’t understand. The wide paper bag trousers look totally stylish and provide a casual look, but can also be styled elegantly for the office with a blazer. They are also super comfortable. So, keep dressing!

5. Dungarees are well combined but sexy

It is as it is: a large proportion of men find tight-fitting clothes that flatter the figure most beautiful on women. Dungarees definitely do not belong in this category. There are comments like “I’m sorry. But when women wear dungarees, I always think of Peter Lustig from the children’s series Dandelion. And I don’t want to date him…” and “That’s a trend? I wore dandelion pants when I was a kid.”

Which speaks for the trend: Don’t let these philistines influence you! The trendy one-piece suits are simply so comfortable because no belt pinches and you don’t have to worry about something slipping. And combined properly, for example with high heels and a tight turtleneck, they can look really sexy. I bet men think so, too.

6. ballerinas are worth their weight in gold as replacement shoes

The classic among garments that men don’t like. Because ballerinas are very flat, they are said to provoke a clumsy gait. Gentlemen in the newsroom say, “Ballerinas aren’t all that bad, it’s just that their feet look so big in them.” Or, “These shoes are like stilettos, except without the heel. It doesn’t make sense to me. Women prefer to wear nice flat boots.”

Which speaks for the trend: If you like ballerinas, you should keep wearing them! Especially as spare shoes in a party bag they are unbeatable when your feet hurt in shoes that are too high and sneakers do not go with an elegant dress. You won’t get the suggested boots in any party clutch in the world…

7. wedges are the comfortable version of high heels

Besides ballerinas there is another shoe that men don’t like at all: wedges. Some say, “When women wear these shoes, their feet remind me of hooves.” Others don’t like shoes that are too high. Because, quote, “They look painful.” Painful? So-so.

Which speaks for the trend: In contrast to high heels with spiked heels, you can walk stably on wedges for a relatively long time without getting sore feet. The perfect high shoe therefore. Sorry, men.

8th Ugg-Boats trigger discussions every year

DER Classics in winter. As soon as the temperatures drop, you’ll find them everywhere. Much to the chagrin of men: “Oh no. Are they still modern? Ugg boots just look way too clunky. It’s especially bad when women walk inside.”

Which speaks for the trend: Admittedly, it is debatable whether ugg boots are beautiful or totally ugly. They are always practical and comfortable. The fact is: They are cuddly warm and you won’t get cold feet even in sub-zero temperatures.

9. Birkenstocks are tolerated by men

Once demonized as eco-slides, Birkenstock sandals were DER Trend this summer. They are now available in a wide variety of variations and colours. Surprisingly, most of the colleagues surveyed do not find them so terrible. But they don’t really like them either: “I don’t think Birkenstocks is super beautiful now, but I don’t mind if a woman can wear them. Especially the toe separator version.”

Which speaks for the trend: You just look totally casual. Another plus: They are super healthy for your feet. So wear them when the weather allows it – but also in the strap version if you like it better.

Men really like that much naturalness

10. the oversized trend should not be exaggerated

For most men it is a mystery why women buy clothes that look like they are at least two sizes too big. But: Even the oversized trend doesn’t do as badly as expected in our survey: “If oversized jackets are combined well, for example with tight jeans, I don’t think they’re so bad. It just looks weird if you wear loose pants with it.”

Which speaks for the trend: It is totally hip, very comfortable to wear – and even meets the taste of some men! When it comes to styling, the rule actually applies: less is more. It’s better to limit to one large piece and combine figure-hugging garments. For example, an oversized sweater for the tube. Otherwise the look is not exactly beneficial to the figure.

Women wear whatever they want! After all, men also wear a lot of fashion no-go’s: skinny jeans, worn out sneakers and football jerseys that are at least 10 years old do not go down well with women. But, as in so many situations in life, taste is a matter of debate. Whether man or woman. So stay true to yourself and wear something IHNEN felled. Then transfer your positive charisma to your counterpart. Because: A smile and self-confidence is always trendy for both sexes.

Regardless of the outfit.