10 beauty tips that cost nothing

He that will be beautiful must suffer. If you look around the perfumeries and drugstores, the suffering seems to be mainly in the bank account. For the tubes and jars on the shelves, you can pay a lot of money. As I said. You can – but you don’t have to!

Many effects can be achieved without additional expenditure. Like now? Look better without buying a new product? Yes, that works! Curious? Here are 10 beauty tips – all guaranteed painless for you and your wallet!

1. bed your head as high as possible to prevent bags under the eyes

Do you often wake up in the morning with thick, swollen eyes? Then here’s a weird tip for less swelling: Place a second pillow underneath to slightly raise the position of your head when you sleep. The slight slanting position prevents fluid accumulation under the eyes and you wake up fresh and alert.

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2. frozen peas are the best household remedy for thick eyes

Another tip against dark circles, which sounds bizarre, but really brings it: peas on the eye! If you have slept badly, you should use two freezer bags with a handful of TK -Stuff the peas and place them on the swollen parts for 1-2 minutes.

The peas adapt perfectly to the shape of your face and the cold has a decongesting effect. It is best to simply freeze the bags again afterwards – and use them again and again.

3. body lotion should always be applied to moist skin

You cream, cream and cream, but still plague with dry skin? Then you do not necessarily need a new body lotion. Because the decisive factor is not only WOMIT you care for your body, but also WANN You do it.

It is ideal directly after bathing or showering. Because the warmer and moister your skin is, the better it absorbs care products. So: Dab your skin gently and briefly so that it does not drip with wetness and apply cream immediately to the still slightly moist skin. But do not shower too hot!

4. lukewarm water allows care products to be optimally absorbed

Only expensive care works? Bullshit! But in order for your care – whatever it has cost – to work at all, you should always pay attention to the water temperature, especially when washing your face! Lukewarm water is ideal. Water that is too hot dries the skin and water that is too cold closes the pores – this means that care products are less easily absorbed later. And the money you spent on serums and creams was in vain.

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5. the best home remedy for large pores is ice cubes

You have just learned that cold closes the pores. And that is exactly what you can use! The coolest primer comes out of your freezer: an ice cube. You can use it to conceal pores just as well as with the expensive pre-make-up products from the shops. That’s how it works’s: NACH (this is important, otherwise it would not be absorbed!) of the care cream with a cube for about 1 minute over the entire face. The cold causes the pores to contract and the complexion appears more even.

The make-up can be applied more easily and evenly afterwards.

6. cold water makes the hair shine

You can save expensive shine spray for your hair. Simply wash as usual with shampoo and conditioner, but finally let cold water flow through your mane for 30 seconds – preferably upside down, so that it doesn’t run down your back in freezing cold. The cold causes the outer cuticle layer of the hair to contract, which makes the surface reflect the light better. And that makes for a powerful shine!

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7. always insert hairpins crosswise into your hair

Especially in straight hair, hair clips slip out quickly. The staples hold better in the hairstyle if they stick a little. Therefore: Spray them with a little hairspray before use! And another tip for extra hold: Stick two needles crosswise, preferably from below.

8. you can whiten discoloured fingernails with toothpaste

You want to take a break from varnishing, but your nails are no longer presentable due to the constant varnishing? Then simply brush your nails with a discarded toothbrush and toothpaste. The cleaning particles in it remove yellow discoloration from nail polish and co. Works best with whitening toothpaste, followed by a warm foot bath.

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9. start each day with a large glass of lukewarm water

Is the first thing you do in the morning the first thing you reach for is a cup of coffee? Try to replace the caffeine kick with a large glass of lukewarm water. This will stimulate the kidneys and intestinal function and thus the metabolism. By the way, the ritual originates from the Ayurveda teachings.

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10. never apply styling products to wet hair

Do you always find foamers and volume sprays empty in no time? Only apply the products to the hair after blow-drying if it already feels slightly clammy. Why? Moisture dilutes the products and makes them less effective. This leads to you taking even more, everything is empty faster (purse alarm!) – and the hair also becomes sticky.

You do not necessarily have to buy something new to feel better and more beautiful! If you remember our tricks and use the things you already have at home cleverly, it will help at least as much as a new lipstick or cream that probably wouldn’t fit in the cluttered bathroom cabinet anyway.

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